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Mischa Herman

Sound Services

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Studio Recording/


Get in touch to discuss your next studio recording - options to suit all budgets big and small! I'm equally comfortable recording a Baroque Ensemble live to arranging and recording a string quartet for your next indie/pop release!

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Location Recording

Want to make a live music video, record your next gig or got a space you'd like to make an album in? I can bring along a studio big or small to capture your sound wherever you are on or off the grid.


Live Sound &

PA's, big and small from back yard gigs to festival production management, I have extensive experience in live shows spanning a heap of different genres and formats.

Have a listen

People  I have worked with include:

Fanny Lumsden, Shaun Kirk, Kittle & Co. (US), Rachel Baiman, Red Tail Ring (US), 10 String Symphony (US), Braebach (UK), Mustard Courage, Jessie Lloyd's Mission Songs Project, The Northern Folk, Georgie Currie, Zulya & The Children of the UndergroundShooglenifty (UK), Trouble In The Kitchen, The String Contingent, Luke Plumb & The Circuit, Lucy Wise, Ado Barker, Maggie Rigby, Stephen Taberner, Chaika, The Squeez Box Trio, Chris Duncan & Catherine Strutt, Cresfest! The National Celtic Festival, The National Folk Festival, Majors Creek Music Festival, Newstead Live!, The Boite World Music Cafe, Rock The Clock Festival - Camperdown, Loren Kate, Big Mouth Choir, Mandy Connell, Domini Forster, Jess Foot & Louise Godwin, Illam Thulir 2017 & Niroshan Sathiyamoorthy, Carl Pannuzzo - Empire State ElevatorsMichael  O'Donnell, Small Town Romance and many more...



I am fortunate to own and have access through my network, to high quality  modern and vintage equipment to meet your project's needs. From microphones & preamps to mixers and PA's.


"Mischa, thanks so much for your amazing efforts this past week. Has been a pleasure getting to know you, and your sound and vibe were A++."

Christian Sedelmyer

(10 String Symphony, US)

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Interested in learning more about my work or how we can collaborate on an upcoming project? Reach out today.

Ph: 0412 146 419


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